Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Down The River 2.0

First cover
Down The River was my first novel. I published it at my own expense through Amazon.com's Create Space program. Over the past four years it sold dozens of copies. DTR was featured as a Kindle Direct Publishing title where Prime members could read it for free. My goal was to have the book read rather than make a lot of money.

Second cover
When The Guardian was picked up by The Wild Rose Press I offered it's prequel, Down The River. They liked it and I signed a contract. The cover art is done and the book is in final production. Boy, am I glad that I had another cut at the book. I found a couple of historical details I flubbed in the original that are now corrected. DTR is no longer available through Create Space, but will be distributed digitally and in hard copy as before, just with a new cover.

The saga of Phyllis is now a series which I have dubbed The Road To Jubilo. Phyllis has undergone a transformation on the cover, but she is the same inside. I am now at work on a story set between DTR and The Guardian.