Monday, December 12, 2016

Preaching to the Choir

I am as disappointed as anyone about the apparent election of Donald Trump. I say apparent because he did not get the most votes and recounts in states with critical electoral votes have not been completed. Trump will be inaugurated as president in January. I see reports of street protests, editorials bemoaning the prospects of the Trump Administration, and even calls for “resistance.”
What does that mean, resistance? Resist what? I surfed the headlines of a Trump Resistance group on Facebook and felt like I was looking at the mirror image of the alt-right. There are online petitions to oppose Trump’s campaign promises like some kind of Muslim registry, but Trump has already backed out of many promises. No need to resist things he is not going to do.
Trump’s cabinet picks are right out of the Republican talent pool. They will go from splashing around in the shallow end to swimming the deep end of DC where their departments are legislated to implement policies like clean water and collecting taxes. Failure or refusal to perform leaves the department head open to a lawsuit. DC lawyers are leasing more copy machines to meet the demand. Changing the laws have to go through Congress, controlled by Republicans, but with a Democrat filibuster in place. No resistance needed there. Save your bandwidth and quit complaining to people who already agree with you. 
Instead of resistance, the rest of us should be lining up behind the reforms that will prevent a minority of voters from choosing a majority of electors. At the state level gerrymandering has resulted in Democrats getting the most votes, but Republican candidates getting elected.
There’s no guarantee that idiots won’t get elected, but at least they can be elected by a majority of the voters. 

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