Thursday, February 16, 2017


The number refers to the 46th president of the United States probably Mike Pence. It is clear to me that number 45 is cruising to either an impeachable offense or resignation both under pressure from a Congress dominated by Republicans. Get enough Republicans to realize 45 is dangerous not just to the nation, but to the their own political fortunes and the machine will grind out an end to the most embarrassing episode in American political history.

Just yesterday, a cabinet nominee withdrew because he could not get 50 Republican votes in the Senate allegedly because he didn't pay taxes on a domestic worker. All the other nominees and even the SCOTUS pick will probably be confirmed, but the solid wall of Republican votes is cracked. In my view the removal of 45 is inevitable.

Two presidents have been impeached, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, both unsuccessfully. Johnson was acquitted in 1868 by a single vote in the senate, but his administration was nearly over. What did happen was that Congress assumed the dominant role in government for the next generation. Since Lyndon Johnson, the presidency has assumed more and more power and the Congress acquiesced. Things are shifting the other way even now.

Number 46 will not have an agenda other than the one determined by Congress dominated by the Republicans. Will he be satisfied with 45's cabinet picks? I suspect that even now the VP's insiders are constructing a new White House. Just as in pool, don't look at the next shot, look at the one after.